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Comment vivre (dans une poche)

October 26, 2014


Comment Vivre Livre de Poche 2014 2

The French translation of How to Live? has come out in a Livre de poche edition – in fact, looking it up just now in search of a link, I see that it’s their featured title at the moment.

I feel ridiculously excited about it, because I’ve been reading Livre de poche paperbacks ever since I started laboriously struggling through books in French as a teenager. The first one I read, I think, was Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfants terribles, with his own drawing on the cover. I still have that copy, with almost every word underlined in pencil and the English meaning minutely inserted between the lines.

On a purely practical level, I admire them for being good value, beautifully made (they open properly, unlike a lot of UK books), and in small format, so they really do fit into a coat pocket in mid-winter.

On a sentimental level, I admire them for .. well, who needs reasons for being sentimental?

Tingling Frankensteins

October 15, 2014


Galvanised corpse 1836To get into the Halloween spirit, and also to indulge myself with of one of my past medical history enthusiasms , I’m giving a talk at Bart’s Pathology Museum in London on the spine-tingling theme of The Reanimators: Galvinism, Frankenstein, and the Spark of Being.  It’s on Wednesday 22 October 2014, and tickets are available via the link, though I’m told it’s selling out fast.  Do come along and be prepared to shiver your timbers – then cool your nerves with a nice glass of wine afterwards.

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