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Does reading fiction make us better people?

April 30, 2015


TBR March 2015 (600x800)

Does reading fiction make us better people? I was asked this question by Nigel Warburton for the excellent new debate forum at Aeon Ideas. I argued contrariwise, but I also loved Tony Bradman’s argument in favour.  I especially like his image of fiction as a flight simulator for the emotions.  Read it all here.

It seemed appropriate to illustrate this with my recent to-be-read pile . After taking the photo, I dismantled it, read some of them, put some on the shelf, took some back to the library, and left some to seed a new to-be-read pile.

New York in colo(u)r

April 28, 2015


New York colour 1 New York colour 2 My earlier New York photo post was tastefully drab. So here are some colours to liven it up, from yesterday’s walk through the Garment District.

It’s no accident that “New York” and “walk” rhyme.  Well, for a Brit they do. Not for a New Yorker. Bang goes that theory.

Meanwhile, from my camera’s unconscious:  Walker

New York: a tiny photo wander

April 27, 2015


BobstMysteries of ChinatownOopsLife is beautiful

New York Institute of the Humanities

April 16, 2015


Writer in Residence

So this is me for the next two months!    Very excited to be here.

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