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At the Existentialist Cafe

January 12, 2016


At the Existentialist Cafe UK coverIt’s on its way. It’s big, it’s bonny, it’s existential, it’s rectangular, and it’s been five years in the making.  Within its pages, someone gets punched in the street, someone else makes sad remarks about a lump of sugar, another person is chased by imaginary lobsters, and three people drink apricot cocktails in a mood of uncontainable excitement.   Yes, it’s my new book At the Existentialist Cafe, telling the story of twentieth-century existentialism through a blend of biography and philosophy.  It is coming out in the first few days of March from Chatto & Windus in the U.K., Other Press in the U.S., and Knopf in Canada.

There are two versions of the cover, depending on country.  Here they both are. At The Existentialist Cafe US cover

I’ll be talking about the book at festivals and other events in various places this year.  Watch this space for details as they arise..

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  1. January 12, 2016

    Sounds like an episode of Top Gear. Can’t wait to read it. Chris Fagg

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